About Us

NWINLA was founded to better the roofing community as a whole. Many of our fellow roofers and contractors take on the risk of helping the community with some of the more dangerous projects, and it is our goal to help educate them on the safest practices so we can all enjoy waking up and coming to work safely every day. When our organization was created, we had the best interest of our industry in mind. However, as the organization has grown, the industries we serve have grown as well. We now serve to educate not only the roofing industry, but structural, lighting, siding, and tree experts as well who may be climbing on ladders or on the roofs of houses. This enables each of the respective industries to come together for the safety of each laborer and to better the industries.

So what does NWINLA value? At NWINLA we value hard-work, education, and community relationships. We believe that every industry professional should come to work and work hard every day. As soon as you start to have a lax attitude about your everyday jobs, your safety will begin to slack as well. This is something that should always be a top priority, whether you are doing a large, complicated job or a small and simple one. At NWINLA, we also believe that each industry professional should also be well educated. If you are unable to receive proper education from your workplace, NWINLA is here to help. We will provide you ad industry mentor as well as monthly educational seminars and workshops to keep all of our members up to date with their understanding of the latest technology and safety standards. By participating in theĀ  NWINLA organization, you can do your part to help the industry do work the RIGHT way. The safe way is the only way to do each job. We also value community relationships. We want each of our members and partners to build strong relationships with their clients and fellow community members. By doing so, you can do your part to help ensure the community understands and backs safe ladder and roof standards. At NWINLA, we strive to not only better our partner industries but our entire communities.